Q: Do you charge delivery fee’s?

A: We do offer free delivery on inflatables in our basic delivery area. Our basic delivery area includes Omaha, Millard, Papillion, La Vista, Bellevue, Gretna, Bennington and Elkhorn. If you have any questions feel free to call to see if we will deliver to your area (402-881-0248).

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, we are fully insured. Insurance certificates will be provided, upon request.

Q: Can I keep the unit overnight?

A: No, we do not allow overnight rentals.

Q: How far in advance should I make my reservation?

A: Please make your reservation, as soon as possible. Bounce house units are very popular and sometimes we are booked up weeks, or even months in advance. If you would like a specific item, we recommend you make the reservation as soon as you know the date of the event. The earlier you make your reservation, the better your chances are at getting your first choice!

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: We do require a small deposit to confirm your reservation. This is required to insure availability to others. A deposit guarantees, your reservation.

Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy?

A: If you decide to cancel your inflatable, you may be charged up to a $50.00 cancellation fee, if you cancel within 14 days of your scheduled event date. We accept cancellations up to 14 days in advance of your event, without any charges to you.

Q: What is your cancellation policy, due to weather conditions?

A: You have your choice to either reschedule the rental date, or we will cancel your event and give a full refund of your deposit if weather conditions prohibit the use of the inflatable. If the weather forecast shows inclement weather (40% or higher chance of rain) during the time of your event, we reserve the right to cancel the delivery. We will not chance our equipment being damaged in a storm. Unfortunately, once the delivery is canceled for the day we cannot change this later in the day if the forecast has changed.

Q: What methods of payments do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Paypal. Church and/or company checks are accepted. Sorry no personal checks, are accepted. Credit card/debit card deposits are required for a confirmed reservation and the remaining balance can be paid by cash or credit card/debit card upon delivery.

Q: Can we pick up the rental and set it up ourselves?

A: No. Our number one priority is the safety of our customers. All our delivery personnel are certified and completely trained on the installation of these units. The units can be extremely heavy and dangerous if set up improperly. Also, if you were to pick it up, our (or your) insurance would be null and void. Don’t be fooled by companies that will charge you two fees for delivery and setup.
We deliver, and setup every unit, every time. This will save you time, and the trouble involved with setup and return of the unit. With companies that allow customer pick up, they often have additional charges if it’s not properly rolled up, or properly cleaned. If it’s not returned on time you will pay an additional days rental. Any damage due to negligence will be a significant charge (usually between $1,000-$4,000).

Q: Are bounce houses safe?

A: Absolutely! As long as all rules outlined on the rental contract are followed, and the unit is supervised at all times. Please review our safety rules and instructions. Our inflatables are constructed with high quality and safety in mind. All of our inflatables, are proudly made in the USA! Our units have the safety entrance and are constructed from very durable commercial grade vinyl and quadruple stitching. Our inflatables meet or exceed ATSM rental industry standards. We will supply recommended guidelines for safe use and recommended number of children that should be allowed to use the unit, at one time.

Q: How does the inflatable stay inflated?

A: We setup the unit and inflate the inflatable with a fully enclosed blower that must remain on, the entire time the inflatable is being used. The design of the blower is such that no moving parts are exposed. The bounce house must be located within 50 feet of a standard electrical outlet or a generator may be needed. We do offer generator rental, at an additional cost.

Q: Do I need to provide anything or do anything special?

A: Aside from showing the delivery person the location to setup and showing them the electrical source, no. We will provide all necessary equipment for installation. The blower needs to be within 75 feet of a designated, grounded, 3-prong, 110v, 20 amp, GFCI electrical outlet. Also, to keep the setup process quick and efficient, please clear the area of any debris, animal droppings, or hazardous materials. Also, the inflatable will need plenty of clearance from tree branches, electrical lines, or anything that may contact the top of the inflatable.

Q: Are your rentals clean?

A: YES! Our units are sanitized before every rental. Cleanliness is part of safety. We clean our inflatables, and all our equipment (concession, tables, chairs, etc). We are committed to making sure your children are playing in a clean, healthy, and safe environment!

Q: Are there any cleaning fees?

A: We expect to receive our inflatables back in a fairly clean manner. We realize that children in and out of it all day can allow grass to enter by means of their socks. We will not charge for cleaning this. You will be charged a cleaning fee if the unit is returned with any food, drinks, chewing gum, dirt, sand, confetti, glitter, trash, or anything outside of normal conditions.

Q: How much space is required for setup?

A: The units vary in size and should have at least 5’ of additional space on all sides. This means you should have an area of about 25×25 feet for the standard bouncy house with an overhead clearance of 17 feet. Slides or combo units require additional space. Dimensions of all the units are on the order page, or can be provided to you over the phone. Please add an additional 5’ on all sides and height to ensure proper fitment.

Q: What types of surfaces can the inflatables be installed?

A: We can setup the inflatables on many surfaces. (grass, asphalt, concrete, inside, outside, etc). It is very important the location is flat, level, and smooth. It is also imperative the location allows for overhead clearance from any trees or power lines. The area must also be free of any debris and easily accessible. Additionally, it is very important to let us know the type of surface, so we can bring the correct anchor system to the job-site.

Q: Do I need to prepare the surface?

A: Yes, the site should be cleared of sharp sticks, stones, animal waste, and other large debris. Also, please turn off your water sprinklers.

Q: Can I setup the inflatable near my pool?

A: Safety is our number one concern. The bouncer or slide must be setup at least 30 feet, from a pool or water front.

Q: Can I setup an inflatable in a park or other public place?

A: Yes,  but most city parks will not allow inflatables but some neighborhood HOA parks and state parks do allow inflatables with our insurance. Please call the your local agency to make sure they allow inflatables.

Q: What should I do if there is a problem during the rental?

A: We will provide you with a phone number to reach us if there is a problem. With inflatables, problems are rare. All of us want your party or event to be special. We stand ready to help. In the event of an accident involving any of our inflatables or any other equipment please assist everyone off or out of the inflatable, turn off the blower, and unplug it. Most importantly this will allow the unit to deflate so that no one enters while you are tending to whatever has happened. Please notify us immediately of the incident, and write down a detailed explanation of what happened, and who was involved while it is still fresh in your mind.

Any questions please Email [email protected] or call Greg/Stephanie at (402) 881-0248. Thank you!

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